CASART – bronze edition and artist agency

Fragility - Mariela Garibay - bronze sculpture - © Casart


Arrière Plan, Paola Grizi, sculpture bronze, © Casart


Miraamontes - Seaside - Bronze


Hedwige Leroux - sculpture en bronze - Feelings - © Paris


Balance 1 - Jean-Louis Corby - © Casart


Jorge Marin - Gymnast on a circle - © Casart


Tango - Jacques Van den Abeele - © Casart


Nicolas Rudler - sculpture - Dévoilement - © Casart


Our sculptors

Mariela Garibay - Touch the sky

Mariela Garibay

… positive and generous, her sculpture immortalizes a happy or peaceful moment, a good memory, a smile, a surprise, a simple and sincere enjoyment…

Nicolas Rudler, sculptures bronze

Nicolas Rudler

… a reflective moment, an exchange between nature and man, from which a representation materialises that is not an end in itself, but rather a question, opening up other possibles…

Paola Grizi - statue - book

Paola Grizi

… mysterious eyes, beautiful faces, long thin hands appear through the pages of her bronze book-sculptures, making them alive, and questioning the public about their stories…

Van den Abeele - Violonist - Dog - en jardinin a garden

Jacques Van den Abeele

… by combining full and empty spaces, and sculpting the inside and outside, he gives power and mystery to his themes, whether they are animals or human characters…

Isabel Miramontes - Bench - Seaview

Isabel Miramontes

… explores the concept of sculpture through the portrayal of human bodies cut into winding strips. Her sculpture is not a block of material needing to be shaped but an empty space onto which she projects a surface…

Jean-Louis Corby - Balnce 1

Jean-Louis Corby

… suggests the duality of the human condition. His sculptures arouse marvelling through their rhythmic and meanings, making each encounter an overwhelming personal experience…

Jorge Marin - Conversation

Jorge Marín

… the body as an entity containing the spirit, always appearing in the splendor of its physical state. The being is always explained by what contains it, the body…

Seduction - Hedwige Leroux

Hedwige Leroux

… resolutely contemporary delicate and harmonious silhouettes in a pure and personal style that highlights the beauty and personality of women in today’s world.


The company was created in 2000 by art collectors – Gaëtan and Florence Vanderhoeven. CASART quickly acquired a strong reputation on the art market, in particular for its contemporary bronze expertise.
Gabrielle Rosset – a graduate of ESSEC business school and Drouot auction house – the founders’ daughter, has been running the family agency since 2010.

For more than twenty years, CASART has become an essential actor on the art market, and enjoys an excellent network of partners among which about fifty renowned worldwide art galleries. But CASART is above all, since its creation, an extraordinary human adventure with the artists it represents

Gabrielle ROSSET, directrice de Casart
Primavera, Miramontes, © Casart


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