CASART – art promoter:

CASART’s goal is to discover new artistic talents, to support them by investing in their art and to promote them worldwide through exhibitions in art galleries, art fairs, museums and companies.

CASART acts as:
• Investor: financing the production of the art work, in particular foundry costs, and worldwide distribution costs.
• Artist Agent: art promotion, edition of art book and catalogues, search of galleries and organization of exhibitions.

According to foundry rules, Casart casts in bronze the sculptor’s works in 8 numbers and 4 artist proofs. All bronze edited by CASART is thus an original.
CASART works with several foundries, all European, with the agreement of the artist who supervises the whole foundry process.
All bronze sculpture edited by CASART has engraved on the bronze: the signature of the artist, the foundry stamp, the number of edition. A certificate of authenticity can be written on request.

CASART gathers contemporary artists – painters, sculptors or visual artists – whose expression is sensitive, powerful and innovative.

CASART – history:

The company was created in 2000 by art collectors - Gaëtan and Florence Vanderhoeven. CASART quickly acquired a strong reputation on the art market, in particular for its contemporary bronze expertise.
Today managed by Gabrielle Rosset, the founders’ daughter, CASART has become an essential actor, and enjoys an excellent network of partners among which about fifty renowned worldwide art galleries.
But CASART is above all, since its creation, an extraordinary human adventure with the artists it represents exclusively.